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    《 About Us 》

    Japan Youth Ecology League, which is often referred to as Eco-league, is a group of Japanese youth who wishes to promote better environment in the Earth. It was founded in 1994, after a year of preparation from the Rio Summit. Now, Eco-League is one of the largest youth networking organization, having more than 150 energetic groups entry, a nation-wide network of environmental activities. All the managements of Eco-league are carried on by members, whose age are 16-29. It has one board and two branches, one in Tokyo and the other in Osaka.

    《 Our Purpose 》

    Encouraging Youth action for promoting better environment
    Offering occasions for exchanging information
    Strengthen nation-wide action

    《 Our Activities 》

    Eco-league supports people and groups who wish to promote better environment in the Earth, by sending appropriate information to them and offering event opportunities for them.

    《 Youth Ecology Gathering 》

    Youth Ecology Gathering is the biggest event in Eco-League.
    People who are interested in environmental problems participate regardless of their age, major and their jobs. We organized 4 local gatherings and 1 national gathering every year. To each local gathering, more than a hundred people come, and to the national gathering more than 250 people. The role of this Gathering is to offer a place for exchanging information and thus to promote new nation-wide actions. The popular themes they treat are eco life, campus ecology, international problems and education.

    《 Consultation for pre-new comer working 》

    We offer opportunities for students, who are presently looking for a job, to talk with workers of each company being engaged in environmental issues. This helps students to know how each company may contribute to the improvement of the environment of the community.